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Welcome to the Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs. This Academy is fundamentally different than other similar organizations in dentistry. The premise is one of continual clinical participation in a study club setting under the guidance of a mentor. The goal is operative excellence with the use of cast and direct gold as restorative materials. If youdecide to join the Academy through participation in a study club,you will embark upon a journey that will enhance your professional and personal life.






Greetings from Germany,

I know, It has been quite a while that the Academy of R.V. Tucker Studyclubs was lead by a  a non American/Canadian member. And I am so honoured to serve as the new president.

When I was asked to join the executive committee in 2008 at that memomarable meeting in Phoenix Arizona, I already knew it would be heaps of work and commitment. Flying over to the States or Canada twice a year, always closing my clinic for a week, talking in a foreign language and following customs and very unfamiliar procedures like motions and secondings and so on was and still is a major task to be done , if you live in the heart of Europe.  But still I have never regretted my decision, because the values I havebeen taught in the Academy during the last five years outweigh the evident burden by far.

The Academy has become a second family to me with all the brothers and sisters and friends from so many places in the world. Each time I see the same old and young faces, my heart jumps and I am so happy and proud to belong to the Academy.

It is not only the friendship and comradery I cherish, it is the principles of Dr. Tucker, the final quest for excellency in dentistry, as the bearer of this years presidents award, Mark Cruz,  reminded us at our annual meeting in Asheville this year, is driving me forward in any discipline in my profession.  Anyone who can make an excellent goldfoil or gold cast can produce an excellent veneer, or osteotomy oder endodontic treatment.

We are not the gold gang or the cast cult. We are just trying to do the best for our patients, by producing the best and longest lasting restorations possible. In many cases it will end in a perfect gold restoration, in some cases it might be something else. Each of us, who is in a studyclub, meet so many times a year with a mentor to improve our skill and each time we are getting closer to the maxime: Excellency in dentistry.

So I invite you to this Website and the Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs

Patients:  see how beautiful and conservative we can restore your teeths. One of us will be close by.

Dentists:  join one of the  R.V. Tucker Studyclubs and go for this excellency. You will never regret it.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions , don't hesitate to contact us.


Dr. Andreas Bien

Herzogenrath ( Germany)