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Welcome to the Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs. This Academy is fundamentally different than other similar organizations in dentistry. The premise is one of continual clinical participation in a study club setting under the guidance of a mentor. The goal is operative excellence with the use of cast and direct gold as restorative materials. If youdecide to join the Academy through participation in a study club,you will embark upon a journey that will enhance your professional and personal life.


 Greetings from the State of Washington

As the President of the Academy of R. V. Tucker Study Clubs I invite you to investigate our web site.  It not only describes  the Tucker Academy's origin and philosophy, but  it also contains a significant number of links to both written and video instructional aides, scientific publications, and general news about the activities of the Academy and individual study clubs.  You will note that our emphasis has always been excellence in operative dentistry using conservative gold restorations and clinically active local study clubs as our learning method.

 However, the benefit to members of the Academy is so much more than that.  Granted, we continually try to improve our hands-on clinical skills, but we also gain from the freely shared experience, expertise and knowledge of other members of our local clubs and our parent Academy.  Members with decades and decades in practice share their insights with less experienced colleagues.  Less experienced colleagues  consistently ask "Why?" or "Show me." or "Have you ever thought of this?"  The reciprocal benefits of regular, frequent professional  sharing, learning and exchanging of information between us is another of the many advantages of our Academy.

 The ultimate winners from all of these study club and Academy activities are our patients whom we serve.  They gain from our shared knowledge, our constant striving for Excellence, and our passion for dentistry.  This is clearly a win/win situation for both our patients and ourselves.

If you are a dentist reading this, you are always welcome to visit a study club. Contact an Academy member and inquire about visiting a meeting.   You can join a study club - there are 54 of them across 5 nations!   The professional growth and personal  satisfaction you can receive, as has been spoken to by many members,  may be life changing for you. 


Dr. Dana Otterholt

Mount Vernon, Washington, U.S.A.