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Welcome to the Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs. This Academy is fundamentally different than other similar organizations in dentistry. The premise is one of continual clinical participation in a study club setting under the guidance of a mentor. The goal is operative excellence with the use of cast and direct gold as restorative materials. If you decide to join the Academy through participation in a study club,you will embark upon a journey that will enhance your professional and personal life.


 Greetings from the State of Oregon

As President of the Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs, my hope is that this introduction to our website will be an open door to the many facets of our Academy.   Here you will find information about where our study clubs are located, courses and meetings which may be attended, access to publications and educational tools as well as detailed information about the structure and function of our clinical study clubs.

The principles which unite our study clubs in a common purpose begin with the commitment to provide conservative, long-lasting restorative work to our patients, primarily through the use of cast gold.  Our Academy was founded upon a body of research and precision in gold alloy casting materials and preparation design which Dr. Richard V. Tucker developed; the result of this meticulous approach to restorative principles influences all aspects of how we practice as clinicians.  The discipline we learn in our gold preparations improves our work with the other restorative materials we use in practice. Our goal is clinical excellence; our path is a rich journey that brings all of our clinical skills and challenges into focus.  We are a blend of seasoned practitioners and young dentists just entering the profession; we are dentists in private practice and dentists who teach; we are dentists from diverse cultural and national backgrounds.  We are defined by a spirit of collaborative learning and as a result, our study clubs become a forum for exchange of ideas in all areas of practice, a place to examine and explore all of our treatment modalities, and a place to develop long-term professional relationships.

I invite you to explore our website and to visit us in person at any one of our study clubs.  Learning takes place best in an environment with open dialogue, critical thinking and mutual respect and for that reason, our doors are always open.

Dr. Carol Klingensmith, DMD

Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.