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Study Clubs

Although there are many different types of study clubs in dentistry, the Tucker Academy deals solely with operating study clubs. These usually consist of eight to twelve members who meet at a regular interval (depending on circumstances) to treat patients under the guidance of a mentor. A mentor is different than a coach or a teacher. He or she is someone who, through a long-term relationship with the club, passes on the techniques, protocols and philosophy espoused by Dr. Tucker, but also tries to pass on the traditions of the practice of dentistry while setting an example clinically and professionally.

Our study clubs are based on the original G.V. Black Study Club of Minneapolis, St. Paul, formed in 1898. That club both inspired and provided the mentors (Searle and Wiedelstadt) for the Odontological Study Club of Seattle formed in 1907, which later became the Seattle Dental Study Club formed in 1922. However, the Seattle Dental Study Club decided to restrict their study to direct gold restorations. The club chose Dr. W. I. Ferrier as its mentor. The Seattle Dental Study Club was composed of 12 members and a mentor, which became the ideal size that has been copied ever since. It should be noted that Dr. George Ellsperman, Dr. Tucker's mentor, was an original member of the Seattle Dental Study Club.