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Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs Awards


The President's award recognizes a member of the Academy that served the organization in a meaningful manner as judged by the standing President of that year. It is the president that makes this choice, though she/he may seek the advice/opinion of others. Ultimately it is the President's choice and ought to be a nice surprise to the recipient as well as the members attending the Gala celebration. This award is given annually.


The RV Tucker award is the highest award that the Academy gives in recognizing an individual that has made a significant impact not only on the Academy but more importantly, to the profession as a whole. This is accomplished either through service or education or great impact that reflects the values of Dr. Tucker and represents his level or similar level of impact on the profession. As such, this award is not necessarily given out every year. This award is the responsibility of the president. This award should not be confused with the President's award which although carries prestige does not carry the same honor. The award also should be a surprise to all except the president and those that the president sought advice/opinions from. The president has the responsibility to invite the recipient to the annual meeting, awarding the plaque at the gala (whether or not the recipient is present) and assure that the awards are recognized/printed in the journal Operative Dentistry (and perhaps the Lineangle) within 1 issue of the annual meeting.

List of the past awards