The Annual Meeting

For those able to attend, there is a fraternal spirit and a great amount of camaraderie that is shared by all present. It is probably because of the common bond that everyone present has earned their stripes and deserves the special respect for the efforts made month after month and year after year in the most demanding setting of all, the clinic

Dr. Tucker, "Lineangle" vol. 4, no. 2


The Annual Meeting is organized and hosted every year by one of the study clubs, and typically is held in between August and October.

The meeting is organized to accommodate five things, some of a scientific nature, others social or administrative:

  1. The Ellersperman Lecture. This is named after Dr. Tucker's mentor. It is a three-hour lecture presented by a speaker chosen by the host club, usually a leader in some area of dentistry.
  2. The Clinic. Depending on available space between 10 and 20 dentists operate at the Annual Meeting. They perform preparations, insertions or direct gold restorations for the other members of the Academy to observe.
  3. The Trustees Meeting. This is where the business of the Academy is enacted. Each club should have a member present acting as their trustee to vote on any new business of the Academy (this is like an Annual General Meeting).
  4. The Gala Dinner. The Gala is the highlight of the social arrangements organized throughout the meeting. This is where the awards are given out and the new executive is sworn in, but mostly this is where we have fun.
  5. The Awards. The Academy has two awards, the President's Award, given annually, and the R.V. Tucker award, given on very special occasions. The awards are to recognize members for their contributions to the Academy

There are typically other things that occur at the Annual Meeting such as the Executive Council Meeting, additional lectures and review of the clinic, the golf tournament, Skeet shooting competitions, sightseeing, dinners and breakfasts