The primary goal of the Academy is to foster a structure that will enable dentists to learn the techniques of cast gold restorations developed and refined by Dr. R. V. Tucker. It is Dr. Tucker’s belief that our patients’ long term dental health is best served by conservative restorative dentistry that is long-lasting and of high quality. The study club setting is the venue for this pursuit of excellence and cast gold and gold foil are the materials of choice for these techniques.

A secondary goal of the Academy is to promote Dr. Tuckers philosophy and these techniques within the dental community at large as well as educate patients to the benefits that await them with this treatment approach.

It is our hope the website information helps in understanding the essence of the Academy of R. V. Tucker Study clubs and the study club experience. It is also our hope it will create in interest in the pursuit of clinical excellence through the use of cast gold as a restorative material. Study Club can be demanding but at the same time can be inspiring, exciting and challenging and will promote the growth of every member's clinical skills. This, combined with the camaraderie and other interactions the Academy has to offer, will make for a very rewarding and enduring experience.