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If you have gotten this far, you have reached the “Golden Standard of Dentistry“.

Yes, we live in fast times and a very media generated world, but one thing has not changed and that no dental restoration has yet surpassed the high standard set by gold.

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Yes, we know that esthetics is very important and necessary for today’s modern world; and for the right patient and for the right reason, you will go this route. However, not everything should be driven esthetically. We know that for the majority of our patients predictable, long-lasting and trouble free restorations are far more important in keeping their teeth for a lifetime. The Academy of Richard V. Tucker Study Clubs is dedicated to providing education for those dentists seeking the highest level of training and expertise in restoring teeth with the most conservative, long lasting conservative cast gold restorations. The conservative approach leads to very esthetic restorations that show little if any gold while still being durable and exceptionally well-sealed. This is a good feeling compared to looking at broken porcelain, especially if you just placed it six months ago. You will find that the quality of all your dentistry will improve by learning the Tucker technique. Please check out our web site for literature that supports the rationale for gold. Then we welcome you to send us inquiries and recommend attending The Tucker Institute at the University of Washington, Seattle. We have teachers at many progressive dental schools around the country where this time-tested technique is taught. (We should list those dental schools somewhere in our web site).

The best way of learning this predictable technique is through a Tucker Study Club.

If one is not near you, we can assist you in starting one. You will make many new friends and colleagues who share your passion for quality dentistry. I think the most interesting fact that I have observed is that every dentist who ever sees a Tucker restoration comments on the beauty and quality of such restorations. It is truly the “Golden Standard of Dentistry” and the Tucker Academy believes you can learn the technique too. Join us!

Richard G. Stevenson III, former secretary of the Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs