Syllabus of the Institute

Dr. Richard Tucker & Dennis M. Miya

A few years ago, Dick Tucker and I were having lunch at the Meany Hotel and we talked about creating a clinical course in Seattle where dentists could learn about conservative gold castings.
There seemed to be a need for such a course since the only way a dentist could learn a good technique at that time was through participation in a study club. Dick had taught a five day clinical course for many years at the University of British Columbia. The ideal scenario would be to provide courses for dentists and laboratory technicians in a private teaching facility. Hence, the concept of the Tucker Institute was conceived.There is no private facility yet, but this course and others like it, marks the beginning of our journey. I hope that the information in this syllabus and your experience in the course will be of assistance for your journey toward perfection and enjoyment of gold castings.

Dennis M. Miya, DDS
former Director of Tucker Institute

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