This syllabus has been compiled from an accumulation of assorted techniqueal and procedural summaries which have been gathered over the past years. One of the purposes for writing this syllabus was to have a handy reference source of Techniques and procedures for those present members of the various Academy of Richard V. Tucker Cast Gold Study Clubs. In the future former members and new members may also find it to be of some help. It also may be of some benefit in the training of auxiliary personnel in the instrumentation and steps used to prepare, fabricate and complete a cast gold restoration.

As new study clubs in various parts of the country are formed, this syllabus hopefully will help to orient new members to the Techniques and procedures so necessary to produce exquisite cast gold restorations. It may also assist them in the purpose, goals, discipline and joys of study club activities.

The primary purpose for this syllabus was to present the concepts and Techniques of conservative cast gold restorations as taught by Dr. Richard V. Tucker, the founding mentor. These Techniques and procedures contained herein have evolved through the many years of private practice and study club work by Dr. Tucker. Information of this degree of excellence is soon lost unless recorded and passed on for future generations to use.

A section on the Ferrier class V gold foil preparation, insertion and finishing has been included in this syllabus for those who may want to accept the challenge of the discipline this Technique demands. This Technique was developed by Dr. W. I. Ferrier and represents the fundamentals that were taught by Dr. George A. Ellsperman and continued on by Dr. Gerald D. Stibbs. The first edition of this syllabus has been compiled and written by Dr. Warren K. Johnson. It has been edited and reviewed for publication by Dr. Richard V. Tucker, who graciously made time in a very busy schedule. The second edition has also been reviewed by Dr. Gerald D. Stibbs. Our many thanks to both of these fine clinicians.

It is realized that this syllabus is not complete nor was it meant to be a text book. With the help of the members of the Academy of Richard V. Tucker Cast Gold Study Clubs and its mentor, modification, completeness and improvements will surely occur.

My thanks to all of the many people who made the preparation of this syllabus possible. A special thanks to Dr. Ronald S. Gusa for his contribution, suggestions and help in proof reading this manuscript.

Any and all are welcome to use this syllabus in their efforts to improve their own restorative services and competence. Permission is requested before any of the contents are reproduced. If this information is used by others, we ask that proper acknowledgment be made to Dr. Richard V. Tucker, other contributors and this syllabus.

Warren K. Johnson, D.D.S