Administrative structure

Dr. Tucker has always maintained that the study club experience is the core experience in the Academy. Study Clubs need a simple set of bylaws that define the requirements for selection of members, attendance, dues, and meeting schedule and structure. These should also outline an executive structure (position and length of term).From the Academy's viewpoint, study clubs need a President, Secretary/Treasurer and an Academy Trustee/Liaison, as well as a mentor.

  • President: Oversee the entire operation of the club andpreside over the business meetings that follow every clinical session.
  • Secretary/Treasurer (this position may be combined or separate):
  • Secretary: Record and keep the minutes of the business meeting and record the critiques of the day's operation. Each club should record all minutes and reports. Copies of the minutes and critiques of the operations should be sent to the members after each session.
  • Treasurer: Maintain the financial status of the club, create and adjust a dues schedule to pay forthe club's meeting costs (clinic rental, mentor's fees, dinner arrangements and Academy annual dues). The Academy membership dues are usually incorporated into the club dues and need to be sent along with an updated roster of the club's membership (including address changes) and the names of the executive to the Academy Treasurer by the 1st of Novemberof each year. The Academy dues also include the subscription fee for the journal, "Operative Dentistry". The Academy shares sponsorship of the Journal with the Academy of Operative Dentistry and the AmericanAcademy of Gold Foil Operators.
  • Academy Trustee/Liaison: The Liaison acts as the contact person between the Academy and the club and also receives the dues notice sent from the Academy Treasurer to give to their club Treasurer. They may also be asked to survey their club's opinion on some question important to the Academy. This person should serve for a long time so the Academy always knows whom to contact for information on the club.
  • The Trustee represents their club at the Trustee's meeting held during the Academy's annual meeting each year. If unable to attend, the Trustee must arrange for another member of their club to attend in their place.