1. Recruit 8 - 12 dentists who are interested in learning how to work with gold as a restorative material and are willing to make a commitment to pursue excellence in clinical dentistry.
  2. Arrange for a facility to accommodate as many operators as possible at a single time. This could be a dental school, hygiene college, military facility or large private office.
  3. Select a mentor who is well versed in the techniques and protocols relating to the Tucker method of cast gold restorative dentistry. It also needs to be someone who is willing to make an ongoing commitment to the study club and its    schedule. (The Academy can help you with this and should be consulted) 
  4. Establish a Club Executive and develop an operating budget and dues' structure. 
  5. Select a name and open a chequing account. 
  6. Plan the meeting schedule. This is sometimes dictated by the facility or geographic location. 
  7. Make application through the Academy Secretary for membership of your club in the Academy of R. V. Tucker Study Clubs.