Typical study club day

On a preparation day, the procedure starts with an examination of the patient and the tooth or teeth to be treated. Radiographs should be brought and examined. The planned preparation and relevant points of what to expect during the operations are discussed. Pre-operative photographs can be taken and are very helpful later during the critique. A rubber dam is applied if possible and any old restorations and decay are removed. The case is re-examined.If the situation is not as expected, the original plan is altered. Typically, a build- up or a block-out of appropriate material is placed and the preparation is completed. The mentor can be called at any time if their expertise is needed. When the preparation is given the final okay, photographs may be taken again and the announcement is made to the group to allow them to come and examine the case.
This may seem intimidating at first, but you will soon feel at home with this process. The impression is taken and checked. If it is acceptable, the temporary restoration is placed and the patient is dismissed after some post-operative instructions.

On the insertion day, the patient is seated and asked how they have managed with the temporaries. The mentor and the member examine the castings to check the fit and form. If everything is acceptable, the patient is readied. If at all possible, a rubber dam is used and the castings are checked on the teeth. After any adjustments or modifications are made, the castings will be cemented and finished in the appropriate manner. Again, the mentor can be called for help at any time and when everything is done, photos may be taken and members are invited to observe the completed case. Subsequently, the patient is given post-operative instructions and dismissed. Typically, at the end of the session, the cases are reviewed and critiqued by the mentor. Suggestions and helpful hints are given to aid with future cases.Everyone's cases improve with time, and it is amazing to watch each other's progress.

After the critiques are finished, the club's executive usually runs a small business meeting and the mentor is thanked. This concludes the formal part of the session. The members then usually go to dinner where the conversation is more casual but many times it is centered on dentistry.